Information for international companies based in the Netherlands

Many foreign countries are doing business in the Netherlands.
Already we are doing the books for several foreign companies with a subsidiary or a branche in the Netherlands. These books are kept in English language and are online visible for only those who are authorized.
We are using Exact online as our bookkkeeping program.

Each client receives 3 email addresses to send the documents: 1 for sales invoices, 1 for purchase invoices and 1 for other documents, like bank statements or other documents. After entering these invoices in our financial system, these invoices will remain visible when looking into the accounts. In fact the client does not need to file their invoices in a binder or own system anymore.

We can provide services like:

  • Preparing annual accounts (in English)
  • File Corporate Income Tax Returns
  • VAT filings
  • ICP filings
  • Any management information the client wants
  • Secretarial and legal services, when necessary translated in other languages (including Chinese)
  • Payroll services
  • Due diligence

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the various possibilties.

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